Safety Tips and Hotlines

Exercise common sense

Poor visibility and the opportunity for criminals to conceal themselves in the high growing fynbos in the buffer zones, as well as areas of Afromontane Forest and in rocky sections, make these parts of the Park potentially dangerous.  If possible, keep to high visibility areas, which are generally safer, and do not be alone.  It is also prudent not to wear headphones.

Please be wary of walking/hiking, riding or biking when:

  • near fynbos and Afromontane Forest that is high and dense enough for concealment
  • on paths adjacent to and through dense fynbos and pockets of Afromontane Forest
  • near areas that include abandoned buildings
  • alone or even in small groups
  • at times when there are fewer users in the park
  • near suspicious strangers

ALWAYS exercise extreme caution. If in doubt seek the company of other park users, or leave the park immediately.

Please also be aware of snakes in the park, which include Cape Cobras and Puffadders.


TMNP Visitor Safety: 0861 106 417

Wilderness Search and Rescue : 021 937 0300

The City of Cape Town Emergency Services number: 021 480 7700

Nationwide Emergency Response: 10111

Cell phone emergency: 112

Ambulance: 10177

Preventative Search and Rescue: Get Tracked

Report all fires to 107 (from an 021 landline) or to 021 480 7700 from a cell phone

Several tracking apps are available for Android and iPhone.

Reporting Crime

All crime should be reported to the South African Police Service.   In the event of an incident report the crime to the nearest police station and be sure to get a docket number.

Private TMNP user groups also keep records of crime.  Please alert then to any incidents, no matter how petty you may deem the incident to be.  It is critical that we are aware of the extent and nature of crime in the Park.

Table Mountain Watch

Mountain Club of South Africa Search & Rescue

Hikers’ Network

Cape Town Fire and Rescue