Minister Barbara Creecy’s Response in Parliament to questions on the Tokai Cecilia Management Framework

In January 2021 questions were put to Minister Barbara Creecy Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment about the process that has unfolded as regarding litigation and public engagement as regards the Tokai Cecilia Management Framework.  The Minister responded to Parliament on 12 March 2021.

Her response can be found here: RNW550-2021-03-12 Ministers TCMF response

It is worth noting the following from the Minister’s reply:

“SANParks acknowledges that this is an area of underperformance.” 

“As Minister I have written to the chairperson of SANParks to express my dissatisfaction with the manner in which stakeholder management is being undertaken in this regard.”

With the Tokai Cecilia Management Framework about to get underway, it is alarming to note that SANParks have allowed only five days – of which only three are working days – for the public to be informed and register for the review process.  We fear that this may be yet another impediment to a process with which SANParks has already tampered – to their cost.