The Vision

To create community-focussed safe, biodiverse, open and shaded parkscape in the buffer zones of Table Mountain National Park where Park meets urban edge.


These buffer zones will provide safety from both crime and fire, and will also, where necessary, provide areas of safe, easy-access greenspace for all Capetonians, meeting the needs of mixed user groups as might apply to each area.  Approaches might broadly follow the proposed Lower Tokai model, if appropriate, and need to be community driven.

The buffer zone parks will need to be created in collaboration and consultation with the City and/or Province, SANParks, SANBI, relevant experts, and local communities and user groups.  Each community/user group will be responsible for crime monitoring in their own area via their local crime watch and residents’/ratepayers’ associations, and with instrumental assistance from Table Mountain Watch and other City driven safety initiatives.  They should also, together with the City and SANParks, take part of the responsibility for the management of their own park.